Welcome to KirkcaldyNow

This summer, we???re launching Kirkcaldy Now – a group of like-minded people with Kirkcaldy at their heart. Our first task is to run a Citizens??? Lab. We want to find out what are the issues affecting the town, its businesses and people. We want an open forum that discovers where the problems hit ??? and to look at what can be done to help.

We want to engage with multiple audiences: residents, families, business owners, employees, visitors, school kids, teachers, doctors, nurses, carers, students, apprentices ??? all the brilliant people that make up Kirkcaldy and who are passionate about our town???s future ??? and who need and deserve a stake in how it is shaped.

We will take the ideas that are shared and look at what is deliverable and when. Some might be pie in the sky. Some might be doable tomorrow. Some might be dreams. Some might be real opportunities that could attract investment. As a group representing the town, we will take a selection with the aim of testing small parts of them to see how feasible they are. We might be starting small but – rest assured – we are aiming high.

We are not pre-empting the Lab, but there are key areas that have already been flagged with us by a wide range of community stakeholders who are keen to be involved. Please share your ideas below ??? ticking the most appropriate topic that relates to it.

A picture paints a thousand words …

If you’d like to submit any images to accompany your idea, please message them to us via our Facebook page – and let us know that you’ve posted via this form. Much appreciated!

For more updates, please keep an eye on the Kirkcaldy4All Blog and follow us on social media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Thanks for visiting.